Iconic WooCommerce Attribute Swatches 1.3.2

WooCommerce Nulled Theme Swatches provides you with a wide variety of sample types. You can choose the style that best suits your needs, audience and products. You can use the same type of skins throughout the site, or choose what works for each product separately.

Iconic Features of WooCommerce Theme Samples

Swatches – Allows customers to see all product color options in one place.
Sample Images – A preview of the actual appearance of each form so that the buyer has a clear idea of ​​what they will receive.
Radio and Text Buttons – Displays product attributes as interactive text options, ideal for non-visual attributes such as “size”.
It provides customers with a visual way to categorize and filter products.
Improve the look of your WooCommerce filters.
It provides a preview of the different options available for your products.
Submit any sample theme in the catalog and store pages (and make a decision on a product-by-product basis, if you like).
Give shoppers an overview of the options available for each product.
Allow customers to click to access the product page by selecting icon samples, or customize it so that clicking the sample changes the product image.
Set up a custom pricing structure quickly and intuitively.
Attach prices to product features. This is according to the words. If the item is gold, add $ 15 to the item price.
Automatically add relevant prices when customers select an item.

Download WooCommerce Iconic Theme Templates

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Download Iconic WooCommerce Attribute Swatches 1.3.2

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