Iconic WooCommerce Quickview 3.4.15

Quickly browse any product in the catalog without reloading the page. Increase sales by exploring products easily and efficiently.

WooCommerce Iconic Quick View Features

Speed ​​up the checkout process and increase conversions with WooCommerce QuickView.
Preview and add products to your cart directly from the product listing pages.
Let your customers quickly view products and add them to their cart with a simple modal window.
Add quick view buttons anywhere in your repository and easily customize what is displayed in the window.
Reduce the number of clicks required to complete a purchase, which will help increase conversions and increase sales.
Navigate quickly between the different products in your store right from the WooCommerce Quick View.
Prevent your customers from scrolling back and forth between different product pages, which will greatly improve their online experience.
Take full control of what is displayed in the WooCommerce Quick View by easily adding, moving or removing components such as product description, photo gallery, rating, and more.
It includes many filters and procedures to make it easier for developers to enter additional product information.
Add WooCommerce quick view buttons anywhere in your store using simple shortcodes, or activate the preview mode with your own buttons.
Customize quick view button position, button text, colors, and more.
WooCommerce Quickview will be easily integrated into your theme’s product listing pages, or you can add buttons manually wherever you want.
It works with other popular plugins like WooThumbs, WooCommerce Show Single Variations, and WooCommerce Attribute Swatches.
WooCommerce Quickview is compatible with many third party plugins.
Elegant style
QuickView’s sleek and simple style means it blends seamlessly with any theme.
Fully customizable
You can easily customize the layout of the quick view buttons and have complete control over which components are displayed in the example window.
Works with all products
Products can be added to the cart immediately, including modified ones.
Use the quick view gallery feature to easily navigate between products using the back / forward arrows.
Compatible with mobile devices
It looks great on all devices and screens of all sizes, including smartphones, tablets and desktops.
It integrates seamlessly into your theme with WooCommerce hooks to define your site on product listing pages.
It works great with any well-coded WooCommerce theme and is compatible with many other plugins.
Convenience for developers
Easily enter additional product information as needed with transport hooks and filters.

Iconic WooCommerce Quick View Free Download

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