Progress Map WordPress Plugin 5.6.2

Progress Map is a WordPress menu plugin for websites. The goal is to help users who have websites such as hotel listings, real estate listings, restaurant listings, job listings, store listings and more … to show their location on a google map and navigate easily map using a carousel.

Features of the WordPress progress map plugin

Highly optimized and reliable, ready-to-use map for a large number of marks. (Tested for more than 14,000 brands).
KML layers. Ability to display KML layers. Compatible with KML and KMZ files.
Several lines and polygons. The ability to create an unlimited number of polygonal lines and polygons.
Over 70 ready-made card templates.
Ability to add your own map style.
The original style of the map. Ability to choose the initial style of the map. (Map, Satellite, Terrain, Hybrid or your own mode).
Custom bookmarks. Add unlimited bookmark types by setting a bookmark image for each site category.
Irregular tracks.
Ability to display all (unlimited) locations with the same LatLng coordinates.
The ability to expand the boundaries of the map to show all signs, groups and overlays.
Geographical position. The ability to determine the geographic location of the site visitor.
Set the language of the map.
Display markers and groups on a Retina map.
Possibility to choose between 7 different amazing information windows.
Ability to manage and customize almost all Google Maps widgets (zoom control, map type control, etc.) from the server side.

Download the WordPress Progress Map Plugin

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Download Progress Map WordPress Plugin 5.6.2

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