RoyalSlider v3.4.1 – Touch Content Slider for WordPress

Royal Slider for WordPress is a responsive image gallery and HTML content slider plugin with touch navigation. The plugin is mobile friendly and allows you to create fully customizable slideshows and css3 banner carousels with images, videos or HTML content on your slides.

Download Features of RoyalSlider Nulled Plugin for WordPress

Touch navigation support for iOS (all versions), Android 2.3+, IE10, IE11, Blackberry and other operating systems and browsers that support touch or pointer events.
Hardware accelerated CSS3 hardware transforms.
That is, HTML in slides and thumbnails, everything resizes responsively and dynamically.
YouTube and Vimeo video on slide
Intelligent Slow Loading: Preload nearby images.
Memory Management: Automatically remove unused ICs from the DOM.
Transferring motion or disappearing slides.
Search engines index SEO-optimized images, even slow-loading images.
Vertical or horizontal sketches, markers, or navigation tabs.
Mobile phone responsive design.
HTML blocks with custom effects (fade out, move up, move right … or not).
Image and / or HTML content for each slide.
The built-in full-screen HTML5 feature is ideal for photo galleries where you want to display high-resolution images.
Multiple scrollbars can be used on a page, even with different options.
4 unique shapes that can be easily edited with CSS. Photoshop files included.
Scrollbar files are only included in messages that use a scrollbar.
Smart autorun that stops on mouseover and stops on first user action.
Permalinks (internal links) allow you to link to any segment of the URL
It can be placed anywhere on the page.
Sketches can be scrolled in one line and must be the same size. The tabs can be of different sizes, but they cannot be moved.
Additional keyboard for navigation and more …
It does not block vertical scrolling, it does not block browser zooming by default, works if JavaScript is disabled, allows scrolling at the desired speed (this does not prevent scrolling during navigation), and has options to disable drag / click for slides and thumbnails.
IE10 touch input support.

Download the RoyalSlider WordPress Nulled Plugin

Note. If you’re having trouble downloading the free RoyalSlider WordPress plugin, try disabling the site’s ad blocker or try a different web browser. If disabling your ad blocker or changing your browser doesn’t help, please contact us.

Download RoyalSlider v3.4.1 – Touch Content Slider for WordPress

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