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Subscription free download, you can create unlimited subscription forms, choose amazing content from our 20 well-organized templates, link the form directly to reputable third-party registration services, such as Mailchimp and regular meetings, song download status, overseas Subscribers and more. With the help of “subscription download is empty”, you will quickly collect subscribers to your WordPress site, because you can easily create and integrate subscription forms anywhere using our plugin.

Register to download the features of WordPress plugins

Unlimited investment types
Form 20 papers with pre-deposit subscription
Hidden download link
Pop-up registration form
Written registration form
Email settings
Includes Mailchimp and regular links
Built-in custom style table
Allow to kill all parts of the table
Ajax form production
CSV copywriting
Introduction to back-end tables
The whole process is very friendly and very easy
Provide design documents
Dedicated support
Prepare for translation

Free subscription to download WordPress plugins

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