SUMO WooCommerce Payment Plans 8.2

The empty SUMO WooCommerce payment plan is a comprehensive WooCommerce payment plan plugin, in which you can configure various payment plans, such as deposits with balance payments on WooCommerce, fixed-amount installments, variable-amount installments, with Advance payment for installation, etc.

SUMO WooCommerce payment plan

The most comprehensive WooCommerce store, tools and plan plan plugin
Striped second-hand automatic charger
The deposit amount can be predetermined/determined by the user
Invest in any product by paying a deposit
Force users to pay and save money
Time to pay the balance
Products can be purchased in bulk
Many payment plans can be configured
Institutional funds can be fixed cash/variable cash
Buy low-cost and balanced products over the phone
Interest may be charged to cover expenses
Option to charge tax on every payment/last payment
Choose to hide the special payment method when there is a SUMO payment plan in the shopping cart
Payment reminder email
Corresponding to the SUMO salary point
WooCommerce compatible restore abandoned shopping cart
Compatible with SUMO members
Personalize SUMO
Very strange
WPML for interaction
Prepare for translation

Uninstall SUMO WooCommerce payment plan

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Download SUMO WooCommerce Payment Plans 8.2

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