Timetable 6.4 – Responsive Schedule For WordPress

The Nulled program includes a backup process. You can order any event online within the number of free locations available. The stream includes event manager, event to shortcode event, shortcode generator program with empty WP plugin, and upcoming event widget. It has an option that allows you to generate a PDF based on the plan view.

Plan response period

Create a minute program!
100% welcome and mobile compatible
Through the booking process
Send PDF
Unlimited time, events and events
Activity time
Activity equipment
Create event
Visual designer support
The weekly menu allows you to translate the name of the day of the week into your language
An event in the form of a post with meaning, themes and interpretation capabilities
Skill explanation coincidence and circling
Ability to specify custom URL for events
Event URL Power Block
Unlimited number of events
You can specify the day of the week, start/end time of each event
Two branches of meaning
Optional equipment description box
Optional part of each activity
Ability to easily organize/delete event records
Timeline shows events
Operating hours displayed regularly
The day of the week should be expressed as a time period
Choose between drop-down menus and tabs for event cleaning
Define custom labels for all events
Custom timeline type with 12/24 hour format
Can hide columns for many hours
Ability to display only the start time or both start and end time
3 different types of event showcases
Ability to hide lines without sequence events
The power to prevent incidents when they happen
Traditional text for event display
Unlimited number of times on one page by ID
Increased pixel range
Answer mode on/settings
Live Generator shortcode
Ability to edit existing shortcode code snippets
Show upcoming or all upcoming events on the travel planner
Able to explain the number of events displayed
Power to define ordinary forms of time
Server time or time-based database
Time support
Auto scroll part
Built-in color picker
Font configurator size
Functional HTML5 code
Cross browser compatibility

Cancel program response program

Note: If you encounter problems when downloading the free timetable WordPress plugin is empty, please try to disable AdBlock for the site or try another web browser. Blocking the AD blocker or modifying the web browser will not help, please contact us

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