Touchy 4.2 – WordPress Mobile Menu Plugin

Touchy Free Download is the first mobile application theme and plugin for WordPress. It is based on a smart phone and is fast, efficient and easy to use. Touchy Nulled is fully tested on almost different phones and can also be used in a desktop browser, so if you want, you can use it in a complete desktop environment.

The details of WordPress plugins are exciting

Fast and unique workstation integrated with WordPress Live Customizer
Change relationships and states, change opacity, exaggerate and/or hide parts, color yourself for everyone, etc.
(Optional) Specify only the stated options
When Touchy is displayed, automatically hide menus/themes by category/ID
Enter special text letters
Fixed or full position
Place at the top or bottom of the screen
Adjust the visibility of visual functions
Redesign, call, send email, search button
Change the distance between the edge of the screen and the corner at will
Delete one or more unique photos
Hide any key
Customize each button individually
Adjust the height of the main partition
(Optional) Increase the size of the menu shadow when the page pops up
(Optional) Hide the menu bar shadow
Color will adjust all elements
Many agreed lists
If there are many menu items on the screen that can be moved
Hold/close selection option
(Optional) Use the entire menu item to open a small item
Insert image into menu item
Add comments to menu items
Highlight menu items with visual indicators
Change font menu size and line height
Change the font size and line height of the menu item description, away from the menu item
Use one of the theme menus in the menu
Two arrow animation options at the bottom of the menu
Good nutrition
Enter HTML, CSS, shortcode, use embedded code, etc. Use everything you can think of: publish products, add social buttons, highlight content and more.
Change the end and lower limit thickness of the drop-down menu
Color will adjust all elements
After the website is hacked, the “logo” will slowly hide and the opportunity bar will disappear.
Use text or insert a logo image
Align the logo to the left, center or right
(Optional) Hide logo logo and shadow
Replace the latest logo image
(Optional) Hide the entire logo area
Color will adjust all elements
Easily enter the phone number, that is, accept the email with the email subject
Insert unique images (more than 1500 images available) and completely change the background/call/email/search/menu by linking it to the desired location
(Optional) Display any keys of only logged-in users
(Optional) Hide any key
Modify the text in the text field
Change the default label label “Search”
Hide explicit options
Hide the “Search” button
Color will adjust all elements
Second design, full screen
Indicates whether the search or menu function is turned on
Change background color and display
WordPress Multisite compatible
Clean and clearly marked code
Fully tested
Computer, tablet, smart phone
iOS, Android, Windows devices
Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera
(Optional) Select retinal image behavior
Customer settings may change
Indeed, the long-term author with fast and friendly support
Free upgrades for life
File without jargon

Download Touchy WordPress plugin

Note: If you encounter problems with Touchy WordPress Free Support, please try to block AdBlock for this site or try another web browser. Blocking the AD blocker or modifying the web browser will not help you, please contact us.

Download Touchy 4.2 – WordPress Mobile Menu Plugin

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