Universal Video Player 3.3.4 – WordPress Plugin

The universal video player supports YouTube, Vimeo and advanced videos, as well as the latest HTML5 response plugins compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices.

WordPress video player plugin features

Support YouTube, Vimeo and Beha
Responsibility plan
Mobile phone compatible
Google test
Additional color items
Option to download video, title and description from YouTube server
Song list and 3 versions
Research checklist
Two skins
Cancel option
share it
Show/hide playlist
shut up
There are many changes

Download universal video player WordPress plugin

Note: If you encounter problems when downloading the Universal Video Player WordPress plugin for free, please try to turn off AdBlock for the site or try another web browser. Blocking the AD blocker or modifying the web browser will not help, please contact us

Download Universal Video Player 3.3.4 – WordPress Plugin

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