WHMpress 5.6 – WHMCS WordPress Plugin

The free WHMpress WordPress plugin allows you to easily and simply drag WHMCS products, domain names, and prices to WordPress and display them in a variety of ways, including packaging comparison tables, list pricing, and order buttons. The customer will be taken to your WHMCS to complete the purchase. WHMpress is empty If you want to keep customers on your WordPress site, you must purchase our “Customer Area Add-on”, which is available separately.

WHMpress WordPress plugin tool

Shortcode table (skin)
Additional voluntary discount
Comparison of pricing tables (and other components) of popular visitor topics
The most flexible search in the Ajax domain
Look for Ajax domains with many options in your WP. Browse the homepage, but display the results on your domain page.
Multilingual package name and details
Repeat packaging/service name/details by language.
Support new location
Support all CCTLDs (with or without Whois server)
Multiple supported levels Don’t limit domain search to a single page, put a search box in the top bar, slideshow, or homepage, and move the results to your domain page.
Support more than 540 locations
Display a website developed by Ajax (watch the demo here)
Multiple search options
According to your needs, there are 4 different shortcodes.
Separate domain search shortcodes and search results to increase flexibility.
Create a domain without messages
Create your own available message domain
Default text of “Domain Search Button”
Create your own space in the search box
Create a domain that is not available for other suggestions
The modification will not show any suggestions in every version (including Ajax)
Choose to display the top TLDs sold above

Uninstall WHMpress WordPress plugin

Note: If you are having trouble downloading the WHMpress WordPress plugin, please try to disable AdBlock for the site or try another web browser. If blocking the AD blocker or modifying the web browser does not help you, please contact us

Download WHMpress 5.6 – WHMCS WordPress Plugin

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