WooCommerce Anti-Fraud 3.3

WooCommerce Anti-Fraud aims to help you detect and steal fraudulent transactions by scanning and providing detailed information about each completed transaction in an online store based on advanced data mining principles.

Deceptive features of WooCommerce

IP geolocation checker
List unsafe countries
Notified by suspicious email address
A verified PayPal account is required
Combined with MaxmindminFraud® to collect power learning machine
List of fraudulent email addresses
Delete suspicious instructions before processing
Get multiple commands from one IP address
Multiple email addresses to notify emails of orders marked as theft
Agent discovery
Order number and cash check
Payment conflict and payment address

Download WooCommerce Anti-Fraud

Note: If you have problems downloading WooCommerce Anti-Fraud Nulled, please try to close AdBlock for one site or try another web browser. If blocking the AD blocker or modifying the web browser does not help you, please contact us.

Download WooCommerce Anti-Fraud 3.3

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