WooCommerce Availability Notifications 1.4.2

WooCommerce availability notifications enable your website to use WooCommerce to generate notifications for inventory, low inventory, inventory expiration, and post tracking. This will help your customers get clear information about the availability of each product.

WooCommerce notification function

Use comprehensive advertising for each WooCommerce product to create your own product portfolio.
You can release products for stock products, low prices, expired and out of stock.
You can set it to “product difference”!
It’s easy to let your customers know clear information about each product.
Ability to set the font color and font size for each notification in inventory, low inventory, expired inventory and out of stock.
Most products deal with product availability information.
The product quickly changes your product availability information.
Availability of product information varies
Support WPML integration

Download WooCommerce recommendations

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Download WooCommerce Availability Notifications 1.4.2

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