WooCommerce B2B Quick Order 1.3.9

WooCommerce B2B Quick Order 1.3.9

WooCommerce B2B Quick Order Plugin Your users can search for products by SKU or name, and then buy them all at once. In addition, you can create a powerful quick order form for all products for quick purchase.

WooCommerce B2B quick order function

urgent order
Customers can search by product name or SKU to quickly create their own shopping list.
Return payment
Display a list of quick commands in all products, groups or product specifications.
Additional letters
If necessary, it can be used to filter, adjust or search DataTable functions.
Sales skills
Export the table to PDF, Word, Excel, print, CSV or clipboard copy.
Add to Favorites
Check the box to install more car products.
Enter AJAX
HAJAX is added to the list to link to the cache plugin.

Download WooCommerce B2B Quick Order

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Download WooCommerce B2B Quick Order 1.3.9

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