WooCommerce CustomerOrderCoupon CSV Import Suite 3.10.0

Use the customer/coupon/order CSV import kit to weigh hundreds or even thousands of customers, coupons and orders in the WooCommerce store. This convenient retailer will cause less trouble for customers, who can place orders and connect them with the store’s customers and products.

Customer function/order/coupon CSV import kit

Choose the location of the incoming file: upload the file, import from URL/file file or copy and paste external data to NEW
Really add customers, such as name, email, address (if it is a paying customer, etc.).
Include the customer information you entered in existing users-this is useful for improving customer information!
Installation certificate-support all parts of the certificate, including merchandise and usage restrictions
Consolidate vouchers-help improve voucher information
Enter order data, such as phone items, linked customers, order statistics, order details, order number (the best effect is when combined with the “Sequence Order Number” professional plug-in)
Consolidate price information, order status, or add indicator quantities, such as tracking numbers
Enter custom fields for customers, coupons and orders (yuan)
Enter the custom tax for the customer, coupon and description, if you have installed it on someone else’s plugin/code
It supports many step-by-step navigation systems
Includes purchase details, so you can install large amounts of data without wasting time
The simplest installation type requires the least installation location, but allows customers, orders and detailed coupons
Fully managed through order/customer export export expansion

Download customer free kit/order/coupon CSV

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Download WooCommerce CustomerOrderCoupon CSV Import Suite 3.10.0

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