WooCommerce Floating Cart 2.1.5

When a user decides to purchase an item, the WooCommerce shopping cart is empty. Woo Floating Nulled car can be previewed in real time from WordPress Customizer. Products, quantities and prices are updated immediately on Ajax.

WooCommerce shopping cart section

Use Google fonts
Change the location of the shopping cart
Adjust the width / height of the shopping cart
Change the counter area
Color / culture
Custom image (file / icon / font icon)
Create your own WordPress Advertising Strategy
Choose from 11 spinner ads
Submit “Put in Cart” photos
Identify pages that display the shopping cart
Device appearance option
Both product pages also support Ajax to include in the shopping cart
Quick view mode supports Ajax to place in the shopping cart
Option to change the exit link on the shopping cart page
Option to activate the shopping cart with mouse hover by optional delay
Choose between a short or full number to display it on the exit button
Various product support
Display product features in a shopping cart
RTL support
Change yourself

Download the WooCommerce shopping cart plugin

Note: If you are having trouble downloading the XT Woocommerce shopping cart for free, please try turning off AdBlock for the site or try another web browser. If blocking an AD blocker or modifying your web browser does not help you, please contact us.

Download WooCommerce Floating Cart 2.1.5

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