WooCommerce Food 2.3 – Restaurant Menu & Food Ordering

WooCommerce Food is the easiest way for your business to show food orders to customers. With the help of smart WooCommerce plugins, you can use multiple payment gateways and manage everything from displaying teeth to receiving and handling orders from one local location. That applies.

Features of WooCommerce Food WordPress plugin

Support for over 10 food styles
Ordering food online with an administrator through the WooCommerce System
Support food with other options
The checkbox option requires a lower selection option
Fast food support
It is fully acceptable and can be delivered at any time.
Brush your teeth wherever there are short codes.
Support multiple columns
Display food list by grid, list, table, carousel
Managers make food easily and deliver orders
Send emails to managers and customers after ordering
Support food options by location, each store offers a different menu
Different recipient support is set up for each email message
Ajax has more loads, paganism, food information
Support for setting the minimum number
Check the food system
Support the opening timeline
Day and time support
Maintain maximum volume each time
Support block order before X minutes or X days
Endless colors. You can set the color for all or any food
Support thread components – allow you to create menu categories, which can display all menu items or group display
Support to set an hour to open and close each day of the week
Support opening and closing time information displayed in the pop-up window
Support for multiple payment methods
Support Paypal, Stripe and many payment gateways and plugins
Registration / registration / user history page
Coupon number
RTL type support
Basic food information
Gallery of photos
Unlimited custom lines, colors
Visual Designer Support
Very easy configuration

Download the WooCommerce Food WordPress plugin

Note: If you experience any problems when downloading the WooCommerce Food WordPress plugin for free when it does not work, please try disabling AdBlock for the site or try another web browser. Disabling the ad or modifying your web browser will not help you, please contact us.

Download WooCommerce Food 2.3 – Restaurant Menu & Food Ordering

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