WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus 2.9.3

WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus provides a more robust system for merchants with multiple locations, distribution centers or download sites. Provide locations to acquire nationwide (or other countries (locations)!), Prevent items, block locally available products, accept designated dates, and more!

WooCommerce local car as well as functionality

Set up multiple locations that customers can select while out
The selected pick-up area displays the “Account-View Order” customer page, email order and “Order Management”
Allow, require or restrict the release of individual products and product categories
Decide if each product can be picked up at a different location, or if there is only one download area for each order
If you allow yourself to get into something, you can even restrict what products are available locally!
Set a fee or discount to choose a package collection
Export and import CSV downloads
If the order has a van in a specific area, notify the mailing address of the mail address
Specify business days and business hours to allow or require selection of selection dates
Compatible with most plugins, such as WooCommerce buyer / CSV order abroad, WooCommerce / XML buyer order abroad, and WooCommerce invoice and print list
Supports Google Maps geocoding to adjust locations from clients
Support multiple shipping systems per order
Use the boarding pass as a paid address

Download WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus

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Download WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus 2.9.3

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