WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator 3.19.0

WooCommerce pricing calculator allows you to add and organize calculators for products sold in bulk by size, square, quantity or weight.

WooCommerce price analysis

Calculate the number of products used based on known product metrics
Use a pricing calculator for the cheapest and best-selling product per unit
Product prices per unit can be stated
Price collection statistics
Fluid pricing is very high
Price calculator price chart
Calculator of all physical characteristics
The location, volume, perimeter and top of all areas allow for easy installation, or input length, lateral width and height
Use any combination of units
Optionally include “overestimation” by default when allowing user-defined input
Custom steps and price tags
Set low and high rates or acceptable consumer-imposed measures / tariffs
Support unit price, shipping weight and list of various products
Special calculator for “Room Walls” for the sale of paintings

Download WooCommerce Price Review Calculator

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Download WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator 3.19.0

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