WooCommerce Mix and Match Products 1.10.6

WooCommerce products and gaming products are great for delivering similar products in many dishes. It is very effective in persuading consumers to buy in bulk without being forced to buy items they do not like.

WooCommerce integrates with product features

Flexible items
Mix and Match supports the sale of simple products and various products as part of the container. You can allow any number of items in any “mix and match” group.
Flexible prices
Mixed parts may have fixed prices, or there may be prices and collections of an item.
Flexible transportation
The mix and match mixture can be mixed together, shipped separately or even packaged.
As with individual sales, the products of the “mix and match” group are also under the control of the product list, and “mixing and product containers can also control the product list.
Unique temples
After setting, the “mix and match” product looks similar to the group product. Customers can view a list of all available products and can combine their products in any order.

Download WooCommerce mashup products

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Download WooCommerce Mix and Match Products 1.10.6

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