WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Affiliate Plugin 2.18

The WooCommerce multi-level migration plugin is none other than one of the recommended WooCommerce marketing programs.

WooCommerce plugins for many different transfers

We are pleased to present social media sharing options for consultants.
Comments can be shared on predicted banners on social media to add to the network.
Shop owners can choose to install a standard banner measuring 1200px X 630px. Transferring codes and links can be strongly added to these flags.
Visitors who follow or click on the social media link will be added to the seller’s account. The previous version invited others to join the email migration program. But now that social media sharing is available, you can clearly open your business to a wider audience.
Your customers sign up on the website and join the referral program to receive referral codes.
He will then share the password with his family and friends.
Once his communication is registered on the website, using his code to participate in the transfer program and purchase products, he is entitled to receive transfer rewards.
As more and more people are mentioned in his authority, his workload increases.
Compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce, it can be easily configured from WooCommerce settings.
The situation-based credit system is developed within this category. Currently, shop owners can offer different percentages for each different transfer source.
At any time, you can disable or disable the free authentication system. If you choose to allow the condition of your credit to be adjusted, you can set a higher number of conditions
Two separate methods can be used to provide credit system commissions
The percentage mentioned in a particular product category will be the highest priority. If product level percentages are not specified, group status percentages will be used. The main thing to follow is a specific product> team status> percentage in total.
If a particular product has multiple parameters (e.g., neutral shirts), the store owner can choose from a wide range of plugins using the lowest or highest percentage.
In cases where only a few plugins show you the registration logs, we give you access and additional dashboard information in the “Admin” section. View the full list of registered users, their status, the content they found, and organize them into different movies.
In the previous version, admission details were provided only to newly registered members. However, at the urging of our plug-in users, administrators can offer the benefits of acceptance points to existing customers and for their initial purchase.
Use our opt-in and volunteer options to allow your customers to choose whether or not to join the referral program. If the user wants to be part of a referral program, a manual link will send a message to the user, and the connection itself will allow the user to become a member.
Do you think some of your products are too good? I do not want to add them to any organization? Do not worry. Managers have the ability to move products from the recommendations process.
The Administrator may set a monthly credit limit and a redemption limit.
The plugin also allows registered site users to participate in the transfer program.
We understand that users need equal sharing. Therefore, registered members can view the information they have obtained and download it from the dashboard in their accounts. Alternatively, for the benefit of users, they can invite others by entering their email address email.
The administrator can set the time for details verification, after the collected data has expired. He can use the email template (which we designed) to send it to users to remind them of important information in the shopping basket and beyond.
Receiving a reminder email from the store owner will set your reputation

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