WooCommerce Notification – Boost Your Sales

Empty WooCommerce notifications will show the latest orders in your shopping center. Equivalent to a busy store, it shows potential customers who can buy your products.

WooCommerce plugin features

Select the display command
Order time
Included products
Create an order for the selected product
Create a sequence for the selected group
Order with the latest products
Find addresses on your own
Unplanned purchase time
Customer name and real address
Short code
Country address in the US
Adjust text color, product name and background.
Available in 4 self-portrait, 2-level product images.
Enable / disable the nearest icon.
There are many side effects that appear and disappear.
Sound effects when a pop-up window appears.
Enter your custom CSS.
Select the product image size and select 3 options.
Pictures of clear products
Create a current product or similar product
Provide a page
Show notification from specific pages.
Set notification time, display delay time, rotation time.
Operate mobile
Save log
See users interacting with your information in real-time
Change yourself
User friendly

Uninstall the WooCommerce notification plugin

Warning: If you are having trouble improving your marketing success through Woocommerce notifications, please try blocking the advertising restrictions of this site or try another web browser. If blocking an AD blocker or modifying your web browser does not help you, please contact us.

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