WooCommerce One Page Checkout 1.7.9

A one page checkout in WooCommerce can make any page an exit page. By displaying product and exit selection forms on the same page, it also allows customers to purchase items on custom exit pages.

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Product Option + Checkout
A one-page checkout can display product selection and pricing forms on a single page. Customers can add products to the order (or delete products) and complete the payment without leaving a page.
Common landing page
Create unique sign-in pages for special events, ads or select clients. Insert a shortcode on any page (or post) and enter the content above the shortcode to display a unique copy of the pre-purchase.
Product type support
An exit page is integrated with more than a dozen extensions, so you can sell subscriptions, pre-orders, stockpiles and many other unique product types.
Easy code setup
The Checkout page can be created in a graphic format embedded in the old WordPress editor. By clicking on a checkbox, each product page can also be a checkout page.
Decorated products
What products will you choose to display on each exit page. If your store only has a few products, create a page for just one product, other product-related products or the entire store list.
Built-in and custom templates
The “One Page Checkout” has many temples built into it, along with a simple pricing table and product listing. Choose a template that best fits your page, or if the built-in template does not meet your needs, create a custom template.

Download a WooCommerce Checkout page

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Download WooCommerce One Page Checkout 1.7.9

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