WooCommerce Order Delivery 1.8.5

WooCommerce order offer Your customers will receive clear information about the expected delivery date and time from the owner-controlled opportunity station, including these options of local bank holidays, Navigate, and other details.

WooCommerce order delivery functionality

Create a delivery date driver or estimated delivery time on the exit form.
In addition to dates, customers can choose different times, depending on your daily shipping method and the preferred shipping method.
Use a structured view to prioritize. Order management means you can ship the goods on the last day to meet the delivery requirements.
Specify the date on which the presentation will not be possible. For example Holidays or other events.
The administrator calendar view allows you to easily see the days when new orders could not be issued and/or shipped due to holidays, machine changes, etc.
Restrict specific delivery dates and/or shipments to certain countries or regions.
Transportation schedule based on supply chain size. For example 1 day, 2-3 days, etc.
Perfect link to “WooCommerce Subscription”.
Free notification of mail and supervisor’s view on scheduled delivery date
If you would like to expand or modify the functionality of the plugin, please contact the developer.

Uninstall WooCommerce shipping order

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Download WooCommerce Order Delivery 1.8.5

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