WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) 5.3.6

WooCommerce sales point empty Use our handy and easy-to-sell marketing plugin to deliver your WooCommerce store to the store. This plug-in developed and designed by real users (and customers) can provide many functions. Just download, install and set up your wallet, socket and product form, and you can start selling right away.

WooCommerce features for sale

There is no monthly fee
Like WordPress and WooCommerce, this plugin aims to act – we are close to monthly payments.
The cloud established
Your sales and registration settings are always secure, accessible and up to date. And your products and orders.
Load command
Order an incomplete online order directly from the registry office and complete the order immediately. Control what the order should be.
Built for flexibility, our sales plugin can be used in any industry and business. Ask our existing users.
sell things
Sell ​​your unique and different products. Enter meta fields such as size and color in the product details.
Brand Recommendation
Mark and label your currency style to match the color of your shopping area. Your blue.
Product Supplements
Integrate WooCommerce add-ons to market your simple, unique and sophisticated products.
Cash flow
Your sales and registration settings are always secure, accessible and up to date. And your products and orders.
Our stream can be quickly connected to a reporting machine built into WooCommerce. Report on sales or registration.
Money management
Use our cash management tool to control cash flow within the cash register. Just enter your religion and voila.
Barcode Check
Print the product barcode and check it for sale quickly and accurately. Choose from a variety of barcode labels.
Order notification
Follow the specific customer request by adding it as an order letter. Do not miss that important point.
Discounts and coupons
Offers% or cash discounts on home sales. This function can be used for every product or every shopping cart. You can apply for vouchers.
High quality tool
Manage and use a collection of weight loss products (such as jewelry or vegetables).
Print receipts and e-mails
Set up self-registration and send receipts via email. Specify the number of receipts to print, and include gift receipts.
Delivery to customers? No problem, add transit points directly from registration.
Payment screen
By attaching a new label and displaying an external number, the contents of the shopping basket are displayed to the customer. It is very easy to carry out the instructions.
It does not specify quality
Our plugins are developed and designed by real shop users with very high standards. Check out our change log.

Uninstall WooCommerce point of sale

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Download WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) 5.3.6

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