WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro 1.17.1

WooCommerce Product Review Pro Nulled allows you to receive product reviews the same way you do now, but you can also accept user photos and videos as part of the review, and add “qualified comments “, associated with drip products. -low menu.

The WooCommerce product evaluates professional features

Create credentials to check customers for specific information and product development
Allow customers to link photos and videos to the app
Make sure customers do not give up on downloaded reviews – but improve product reviews!
(Optional) Allow other discussion papers, such as questions, stand-alone photos and stand-alone videos (no details) and comments on these papers
Generate a login button from WooCommerce login using a comment login form
Option to set a test limit for each product to avoid showing reviews when collecting feedback
Create a system of choices and choices to get the best ideas or contributions
Users can mark comments that need to be checked to remind store staff
Customers can filter add-ons with star points, i.e. show all 4 star reviews
(Optional) Add a badge to the manager or employee answer or donation to select “official”
Customers can “review” any thread to be notified about donation responses
Include a market for data organized for rich summaries in search results; stores that use WooCommerce 3.0+ will use JSON-LD type markup
It includes support to product vendors so that suppliers can receive and manage brands based on their ideas.
Add a list of comments to manage comments separately from blog comments

Download WooCommerce Pro Product Reviews

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Download WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro 1.17.1

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