WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro 1.17.0

The WooCommerce Sequence Number Pro stream allows your store to use sequential numbers as opposed to unplanned numbers. Alternatively, you can create a sequence number by setting the start number, order number length, and custom prefixes and prefixes. It can now be WT-01000-UK, WT-01001-UK or any other format you want, as opposed to displaying your order number such as 15, 16, 37, etc.

WooCommerce Series Pro Number function

Generate your store order numbers
Start an order number with any number (or for a store with an existing order number, larger than the current largest number)
Set up an order number appendix
Set a custom order number number
Include the date, month or current year in your appendix number
Include the current time in your order number appendix or appendix: hour, minute, second
You can add multiple zeros at the beginning of the order number to set the order number length if necessary
For liability, orders with free products may be disclosed separately from the order of payment and assigned to a custom prefix

Download WooCommerce Order Number Pro

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Download WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro 1.17.0

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