WooCommerce Simple Auctions 1.2.40

WooCommerce Nulled Auctions are easy to use, but it also has professional auction software, which allows owners to have a WordPress auction site that is easy to start, manage and create. With our auction tool, you can create a WordPress auction site and start shopping in 30 minutes.

Simple WooCommerce auction features

Works with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce
WooCommerce seamless integration with its hooks – you’ll see a new type of WooCommerce product auction
User can verify credit card / debit card capabilities
Work against shaving
It can be used with any form of payment supported by WooCommerce
Regular, refundable and guaranteed (silent) prices, purchase automatic rates
Determine starting price, price increase, collection price, target instant price
Set auction start and end times
Easily control how you want to display auctions as well as products or individual auctions
Soon, future, newest, emerging, recently seen, my auction and unplanned auction widget
Email notification (with edited e-mail template) for overdue fees, auction wins, payment reminder, auction failure, deposit failure, instant purchase purchase, auction completed , administrator billing fee (denial) Reliable administrator notification, auction follows user notice, auction is near termination notice
Auction products have auction images on their smaller facilities
If the user enters and wins the auction, the winning badge will be displayed in the item list
The product page has a new name “Auction History”
Multiple codes – please check the documentation for all available codes
User page “My Auctions”, which lists user auction offers (for active auction and winning auctions)
Filter and auction the product list
Initial auctions are organized by current rates, date, immediate price, performance, expiration date
Auction products have images depicting different auction countries: correct, complete, finished and paid, failed
Auction function (shortcode), auction viewer (shortcode and widget)
Auction history in wp-admin-CSV and Excel single auction history in a systematic way
Ajax updates current auction and auction history in real time
Auction from available or downloadable products
Manually delete charges
If no request or payment is made on time, make the auction by hand or in person
Compatible with WPML, PO files can be used for lang / dir translation
Feas-based components and payment methods benefit some user components
Allow users to create and post auctions, and you as the website owner may charge fees
Request Cronjobs-If your recipient does not support cronjobs in a minute, you can use a third-party cron service, for example

Download the WooCommerce simple auction app plugin

Note: If you are having trouble downloading the WooCommerce Simple Auctions plugin for free, please try disabling AdBlock for the site or try another web browser. Disabling the ad or modifying your web browser will not help you, please contact us.

Download WooCommerce Simple Auctions 1.2.40

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