WooCommerce URL Coupons 2.12.0

The WooCommerce coupon extension allows you to add a unique URL to any coupon in your WooCommerce store. When you use or click on this URL, it will automatically add the coupon code, and you can (optionally) add the product to the customer’s cart.

WooCommerce URL coupon plugin features

Set a unique coupon URL, the coupon will be used when the URL is used
(Optional) Set one or more products to add to the customer’s car when you visit a unique URL
Control whether you return customers to their destination after receiving the URL
Follow and add changes to online advertising and publishing
Enhance customizable changes when customers click
Help current customers remember, share and use coupons
(Optional) Hide other application methods
It supports proficient CSV documentation tools
Using a WooCommerce review page with coupon URLs provides a complete use of a page and shopping experience.
Reduce price barriers by using discounts and direct shopping cart installation
Set a minimum order, validity period or usage limit

Download the free WooCommerce coupon plugin

Note: If you are unable to download the WooCommerce URL Coupon plugin for free, please try disabling AdBlock for the site or try another web browser. Disabling the ad or modifying your web browser will not help you, please contact us.

Download WooCommerce URL Coupons 2.12.0

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