WordPress Real Category Management 3.4.5

The free True WordPress WordPress WordPress comes with a tree view that can scan and create group sequences. RCM (Real Category Management) allows you to easily organize all wordpress categories on the big screen. Use the mouse (or skill) to drag and drop notes. Create, rename, delete or rearrange your categories.

Features of WordPress Real Management plugin

WordPress 5.0 / Gutenbergady
Flexible stage structure view
Drag and drop your information
Use with WooCommerce products and product features
Just install it and it will work with your current level
Go or appendix
Support standard mail types
It supports multiple classifications and functions of WooCommerce products
There is no more loading page for warning content (pagination, switch switch, category switch)-just like constantly searching the WP List table
Full control of folders in the toolbar (create, rename, delete, rearrange)
Order custom phrases for your final order
Compatible with touch devices
Support multiple sites
Includes 6 months of support
Renew for free forever

Uninstall True WordPress group plugin

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Download WordPress Real Category Management 3.4.5

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