The WordPress Store Finder Nulled plugin can give your customers the opportunity to buy your products in a local store! Indicate the products you found in the store on the product page, or place them on the seller’s search page to increase sales.

Features of WordPress Store Finder plugin

More than 10 possible routes
More than 90 elections
Open storefront finder
Excel import/export process (.xls)
Install Store Finder on any page using shortcode
Automatic geolocation
Set optional location, map type and zoom
Set up a remote center
Set default radius
Set a unique image
Customize your phone
Create your own result list
Create your own search box
Make your own loading screen
Check the data you want to display and the required call to action (CTA)
Put the wrong item in the new store
Well written

Uninstall the WordPress Finder plugin

Note: If there is a problem with a free download platform where the WordPress store locator is invalid, please try to block AdBlock for that site or try another web browser. If blocking the AD blocker or modifying the web browser does not help you, please contact us.

Download WordPress-Store-Locator-1.10.8

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