WP Offload Media 2.5.1 – WordPress Media to Amazon S3

Copy the WP uninstall media emptied from your social media library on Amazon S3, DigitalOther Spaces, or Google Cloud Storage, and combine the URLs to deliver files from a single storage provider or Amazon CloudFront or another CDN. With the help of attachment tools, WP Offload Media can identify your website usage and bring to your favorite CDN assets (CSS, JS, images, etc.).

Features of WP Offload Media WordPress plugin

It is troublesome to install it in the existing media library
Manage cloud storage from the media library
Private media can quickly run lightning via Amazon Cloudfront
Delete files from the server
Unplug and delete from cloud storage
Copy between jars
Move files to new storage
Speed up the import of Css, Js, fonts and other assets

Download WP Offload Media WordPress plugin

Note: If you have trouble downloading the WP Offload Media Pro WordPress Nulled plugin, please try to block AdBlock for this site or try another web browser. Blocking the AD blocker or modifying the web browser will not help you, please contact us.

Download WP Offload Media 2.5.1 – WordPress Media to Amazon S3

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