WPfomify 2.2.0 – Social Proof & Fomo Marketing Plugin

WPfomify increases the rate of change on your website by showing sales and subscriptions quickly. Convert your visitors into subscribers and customers.

WPfify WordPress plugin features

Set up is simple
The well-thought-out WPfomify UI makes it easy to use and set up. Start immediately.
Strong connection
WPfomify can be used with well-known WordPress plugins and email marketing services.
Design choices
Easily create visual effects and views for WPfomify to match your website name.
Real-time customer performance
Generate real-time customer activity news from your e-commerce website or LMS.
Author activity
Connect WPfomify to your postal service and share who gets into your list.
Consumer reviews
You can use WPfomify to display customer reviews and ratings in notification mode.
Create comfort
Displaying fixed rates on time can help you strengthen changes by forcing you.
Transformation process
WPfomify provides UTM website to add your category and track it to Google Analytics.
Particle objective
The fulfillment of information can be controlled from WPFomify.
Extensive documentation
We created all the tools needed to get started with WPfomify.
It fully responsive
WPfomify is designed to work properly on all types of devices.
World team support
We are proud to produce high-quality products and provide the support of our friends.

Download WPfomify WordPress plugin

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Download WPfomify 2.2.0 – Social Proof & Fomo Marketing Plugin

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