YITH Cost of Goods for WooCommerce 1.2.6

The YITH cost of WooCommerce empty goods is easy to check, while the actual tax when selling the product is easy. You can get and remove these products from inventory at a loss. View and strengthen your high-tax product marketing strategy.

Equipment cost of YITH WooCommerce components

Make good investments in all your products​​
It fully supports product diversity: add the same quality or different values ​​for each product variation
Detailed sales report of your store
Easy money for every product sold
Generate sales reports
Inventory product detailed report
Calculate the chance of potential profit from selling inventory
Opportunities with or without sales records
Export inventory report to CSV file
Enter the product price from WooCommerce property cost
Decide when to display products in the “Purchase History”: As long as they are completed products, they can be processed or completed, or displayed for all orders
Compatible with Aelia Currency Switcher: renew the commodity price for each item in the store

Download YITH free prices for WooCommerce

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Download YITH Cost of Goods for WooCommerce 1.2.6

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