Manage different shipping costs for a single product in a store, for example, you can set different rates for each state, region or city. You can increase sales revenue, because you will no longer have any other shipping costs. You can also manage product changes for each product as well as shipping location, city and country.

Product delivery of YITH WooCommerce components

Establish general shipping rules or regulations for a single product (simple or different)
Repeat shipping costs for each order
Create shipping rules using product categories or labels
Choose the country where each rule applies
The total number of shopping carts is between the specified values
The number of products reflects the specified conditions
Add the fixed cost of each product to the car
Display a custom message on the product page
Drag and drop your shipping rules to set priorities in life
Set shipping rules based on paper
Collect or withhold transportation cost tax
WooCommerce shipping site support

Free download of YITH products for WooCommerce

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