YITH WooCommerce Featured Audio & Video Content 1.3.6

YITH WooCommerce’s characteristic audio and video content is known to be empty. Contrary to the simple description, the benefits of displaying images; if you use video and audio, especially products with insufficient images, such as video games, you can achieve the same improvement. Computer program or music.

Only selected audio and video content plugins for WooCommerce

Use YouTube or Vimeo video editing to generate images
Upload the video to one or more store products
Add one or more videos to the WordPress gallery
Display video system
Set to play the same video in the clip
Prevent users from pausing the video
Set the default video game to display
Create your own video control bar style
Add one or more SoundCloud audio files to store the product
Create a playlist of SoundCloud audio files
Generate audio file information
Display video/audio files in the status window
Combine video and audio files into different product types
Display audio and video sliders on the side (not under the product gallery)

Download WooCommerce featured audio and video content plugins

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Download YITH WooCommerce Featured Audio & Video Content 1.3.6

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