YITH WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together Premium 1.8.6

Yith WooCommerce frequent customer premium premium invalid sales growth reflects the share of feedback on frequently purchased products and products seen by customers. You will use the public certification process to encourage consumers to buy products that other customers usually buy, thereby increasing the value of standard orders.

Yith WooCommerce often buys plugin features

Set an unlimited number of recommended products for each product in the store
Create a nickname for “commonly used built-in parts”
Customize the text and color of the “Add to Cart” button set in the “Sell Together” section
Select the number of linked products to display
Give yourself a name in the “overall price” of the related product
Set discounts for groups that often buy together
Named according to the number of items associated with the product
Enter some text at the top of the product list
Select the product model shown in the “Accessories frequently purchased” section from the pop-up window
Select the status of the “frequently sold” section: under the “Add to Cart” button on the “Product Details” page at the top of the product details page, and the status at the bottom of the product details page.
Adjust the image size of the linked product
Enter a unique image for the load displayed during the ajax call
List of other products that need to be linked
Put together related products (such as frequently purchased products)
Put sales pitches or regular sales pitches together
A slider with products linked to the “wish list” page (only available if the Yith WooCommerce wish list plugin is installed)
Choose products that can be put in the car and recommended products
Set the product not to perform unique checks
Refer to the exit page immediately after “add to cart” operation
Including WooCommerce offshore products/export products

Download the frequently purchased YITH WooCommerce plugin

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Download YITH WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together Premium 1.8.6

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