YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards Premium 3.1.11

Gift cards YITH WooCommerce Premium Nulled Selling gift cards in your store can increase profits and attract new customers. Adding flexibility during the holidays allows your customers to give gifts to relatives and friends without forcing them to find special products (everyone wants gift cards, so 98% of stores have annual transactions of $100 trillion! ).

Yith WooCommerce gift card features

Create one or more gift cards with one or more values
Create one or more gift cards
Allow users to enter gift card value
Deposit a small amount of cash that users can deposit into gift cards
Choose a different image for each gift card
Choose where to display the store logo on the gift card
It offers 1% discount on gift card price
Select the starting step when a gift card order receives “Canceled” or returns to status
Create a picture library related to the gallery at the time of purchase
Sell ​​gift cards
Submit the “application card” form in various places on the shopping cart and checkout page
Option to allow users to enter gift card codes in standard coupon codes
Simplify QR codes with gift cards
Confirm sender status of gift code email
If an error occurs, please manually send the gift card code or link
Click PDF to gift card email
Block gift cards manually
Verify the original number and current value of each gift card
Provide gift lists linked to specific store products
Block the “gift of this product” option for new products
Create a gift card from the back
Change gift card details from the backend
Upgrade the size of the gift card from the back without creating a new order
Manage inventory of “gift card” products
Write a template for a gift card sent via email
Set the expiration date of the gift card
Put at least the required shopping cart into the shopping cart to insert the gift card
Generate an email address associated with each gift card on the shopping cart page
Cooperation with WC Smart Coupons: Translate coupons to save credit/gifts made with new gift cards
Enter the sender’s name and special information
Describe the recipient of the same type of gift card
Select the date to bring the gift card
Select a picture of a gift card from the gallery
Add custom images or photos to customize gift cards
Get email when using purchased gift card
Purchase a gift list suggesting a specific product in the store: the coupon will have the same product value and be recommended via email
Verify the status and quality of the gift card he or she has

Download YITH WooCommerce Premium Gift Card

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Download YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards Premium 3.1.11

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