YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote Premium 3.0.2

YITH WooCommerce requires advanced prices with empty prices, hidden prices and/or add to cart buttons, and allows your customers to request custom quotes for each product. Sell ​​products and services to your list for free, and provide customers with the opportunity to request customized supplements. Hide the price and put a button for each product on the car to encourage customers to contact you to find a gift that suits their needs.

YTI WooCommerce requires advanced features for quotation

Submit the application form on any page of your website
Different product support: You can add unique product types to the quotation list
Hide the “add to cart” button for all products on your website
Receive emails for every application submitted by users
Write email templates created by plugins
Choose one or more products and submit a quote request in a dedicated format available on the website
Add products to the quote application directly from the product detail page
Insert the “Add to Quote” button on the product detail page and all other archive pages that appear
Just click the “Add to Quote” button on a specific store product
Just hide the “add to offer” button on other store products
Show “Add to Quote” button only to registered users, active users in WordPress, or all users
Save the price of all products on your website
Give users the opportunity to request a refund or only for “finished” products
Customize the style and color of the “Add to Quote” button
Select the information of each product to be displayed on the quotation page and email, select the type of quotation used, and then select
Use the quote request form to approve or enforce user registration
Deny the opportunity to send query requests to non-login users
Show or hide email lists, PDF documents and the “Accept” and “Reject” buttons on the “My Account” page
Send spam and quotes
When the user accepts or rejects the bid, a separate email is received
Send a letter immediately to remind the customer that the offer is about to end
Enable automatic download of PDF documents and additional content on the “My Account” page
Attach the PDF quotation to the email sent to the user
Set expiration date on quote
Change shipping address and/or billing address when quoting
Allow users to access the information they have included in the quote application on a specific exit page
Enable the independent function to allow returning customers to see the filled-in details in the quote request form
Prevent users from arranging addresses when they receive a quote
Prevent users from selecting a navigation method that is different from the navigation method specified in the logout request
Generate a list of products selected by the user on the side
Allow direct and indirect quotes to be provided at the estimated cost of the original product price
Set a deadline for the quotation to terminate automatically
Enable quotes on the administrator side
Set up special payment methods for accepted fees
Collaborate with YITH WooCommerce SMS notifications
Get email and quotation confirmation
Received email suggested by manager
“Pay now” payment option, no need to add payment/shipping information
Translate automotive news to quote exit page requests
Browse the list of scriptures on the “My Account” page
Accept or reject the manager’s suggestion
Comment when giving up the offer
Download the PDF quote from the “My Account” page
Browse all the text found before registering the website

Download YITH WooCommerce download quote

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Download YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote Premium 3.0.2

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